Mission Statement



PEACE & DIGNITY PROJECT has a specific mission to assist Proyecto Paz y Dignidad in their goals toward self-sustainable development and for the specific proposals they may want to develop (see Proposal). Peace & Dignity Project strives to maintain the practice and preservation of tradition and culture through the establishment of self-sustaining development.

The following points, given at the First International Encounter in Quito, Ecuador (1990) are the overall points that Peace & Dignity Project will strive for and toward in the future:

  • We need to assert the defense and recuperation of our lands, territories and other productive resources, as a base for an authentic and legitimate cultural recovery.
  • It is imperative to immediately recognize all of our individual, political and cultural rights within national boundaries, with the purpose of establishing judicial recognition of our struggles.
  • We should concentrate more on developing bilingual and intercultural educational alternatives, with the purpose of expressing the depth of our demands.
  • We cannot overlook the problems of communication; we need to increase contact among ourselves and achieve effective dissemination of information nationally and internationally.
  • It is urgent that we protect and develop our spirituality and source of knowledge; we cannot risk further manipulation. We must develop strategies that give potential to the liberating aspects of our culture.
  • Finally, it is important that we have political alternatives with a global vision, that seek not only the recognition of our particular rights, but are a creation of governments free of exploitation.
    This is the mission of Peace & Dignity Project. We are honored to share it with you.

For more information, contact our Director.

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