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We recommend the following:

"Peace and Harmony with all Creation"
Po Box 6360, Pahrump, NV 89041
Phone:(775) 537-6088
Shundahai Network is proud to be part of:
US Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Abolition 2000: A Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
People of Color/ Disenfranchised Communities Environmental Health Network
and the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability.

In addition, here are other excellent sites:

Council of Indigenous Orgnizations and Nations of the Continent (CONIC):

Indigenous Environmental Network:

International Treaty Council:

Native American Gathering of Nations:

Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development, Inc.:


Native American Radio:

Free Native American Music, 24/7, Gathering of Nations Internet Radio:

Airos American Indian Radio on Satellite:

We thank Alpha Institute for hosting our site and recommend the shared links page on their web site:

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