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Christmas 2005

This year the Kumeyaay Children's Shelter was blessed with more children (see Kumeyaay Children's Shelter). On December 17, we had a posada.This was a Christmas party for the children of the shelter and other native children in need in the Tecate, Mexico area. The pictures shown here are from that party as well as Santa's visit on December 24.

Karen Vigneault, a Kumeyaay woman who works at Maric College found Secret Santas for all of the children of the shelter and others in need. Thank you, Karen -- we salute you and the generosity of the people at the college. Here are pictures of Santa Claus visiting the children as well as the party on the 17th at the house of Carlos and Elena Pelayo of Peace and Dignity Project.

KeniaKenia and Santa

This is Kenia, 6. When she arrived at the party, we took her photo as she held up her name tag.This photo is at the end of the party after eating pizza and candy and soda. The photo with Santa was at the family ranch in Testeraso, where Santa visited the family on Christmas Eve and delivered presents from Secret Santas. She was so excited, it was wonderful. There are plenty more pictures below.

Cookie FactoryGabriela


Hector and Miguel

At the party, the children decorated giant gingerbread bears. They let their imaginations run wild and produced beautiful, delicious results. If the little ones had a hard time, the adults and older children helped. MMMMMMMMM! Don't they look great?

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Alejandra, Gabriela Gabriela and ClaudineMartin, Kenia and BrianaGloria, Juan, Hedad and Cesar

Another activity at the party was making frames for the photos that we took when they first arrived.
The older children made suncatchers as others made paper chains and ornaments.
Many of the materials for the party were donated by Mary Lou Valencia,
a long-time supporter and volunteer at Peace & Dignity Project. (see Native Arts)

Santa PinataKids ready to break the pinataMartin triesAngel triesKenia triesAngel triesEveryone grabs for the candy

Finally, the piñata was ready, and the children lined up to have their turn. Full of goodies and candies, the children sing a song while the person is hitting the piñata with a stick. Then, when the piñata breaks, everyone races for the candy, laughing and giggling. Watch where you step!

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Estiban Ivan

Faces full of food, candy, and soda, the little ones look ready to call it a day. It was a great party and the kids had a great time. So did the adults.

Agustin and SantaHedad and SantaMiguel and SantaIreneMartin and SantaJuan and Santa

Julian and Santa

On Christmas Eve, Santa made a visit to the house of Irene and her children and grandchild. If you start at the first photos, the boys' names are Agustin, Hedad, Miguel, Irene, Martin, and Juan. The last photo is of Julian, Irene's daughter, Angelica's son. Irene is working two jobs as a single mom trying to keep the children in school and hold the family together. Looks like Santa's lap got a good workout here.

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Mario, Santa,  and AlejandraAngel and SantaAlejandraClaudine, Santa and CesarCesar and SantaErika and SantaSanta and GrabrielaHector and SantaKenia

Laura's familyLaurita and Santa
Laura, the children and SantaMario, Santa and Erika

Santa visited the family ranch where the children from the shelter and Laura and her family gathered for the holidays. Christmas Eve was great fun and the children enjoyed all of the presents from their Secret Santas. Some of the children were visiting other relatives and some were ill, so they will come to the next party. They did get their presents later on.

We thank everyone who helped for their generosity and their time.

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